Bleed Cubbie Blue

How To Be A Chicago Cubs Fan

What it takes to make it through a season without going grey and losing all your hair.

The Cubs are preparing for another stellar season. Being a Cubs fan you will forever be made fun of for your choice of baseball teams, but there is no better feeling than watching these Lovable Losers win. If you are looking for support or some love for the season to come I am here for you. Here are the 11 ways to be the best Cubs fan this season:

  1. Being a Cubs Fan Starts Young

This is most likely a decision that you are born into and will not have a choice in. Your parents, especially Cubs parents, will start their kids young to prepare them for the heart wrenching journey called the Cubs. You may only change teams once, because when you give up on the Cubs once you will have a harder time going back to these Lovable Losers.

  1. Purchase a Banks, Sandberg, or Williams Jersey

It is customary to have one of the greats’ jerseys. Whether you are sitting in the ivy bleachers, a lawn chair in the backyard, or tailgating you need to represent your team well. (If you are a new fan make sure to brush up on some cool stats to impress your new crowd)

  1. Build a mental wall

This is one of the most important skills you learn as a Cubs Fan. There will be a lot of heat coming from White Sox and Cardinal fans, but be ready to defend your team against any opponent. This mental toughness will help carry you through life, and teach you the values of loyalty.

  1. Attend a game at Wrigley Field

You can’t be a true fan if you have never experienced a win at home. On a sunny day Wrigley Field is a historical monument trapped in time and surrounded by ivy. Everything breathes the Cubs and it is one of the most welcoming atmospheres for the Cubs Fan.

  1. Love the atmosphere of Wrigleyville

Like I said, this is one of the most welcoming atmospheres for Cubs Fan. The Cubs have a whole neighborhood of rooftops just for fans! Wrigleyville is always bleeding blue and the restaurants and stores surrounding the stadium continue to bring the Cubbie spirit even out of season.

  1. Engrave 1:20 p.m. in your Mind

Gameday hits and you feel the electricity pulsing through your veins. You rush to find the nearest television or train to find your way to Wrigleyville. The Chicago Cubs have the best starting time and every Cub fan is ready!

  1. Find your people.

Find the people that will fight off the opponents and the negativity. Find the people that mourn with you at the end a long season, or celebrate a 13 extra innings ball game. These are the moments that you will remember in the future, so cherish the good, the bad, and the ugly with the best group of people the world knows.

  1. Prepare for the Worst

There will be bad days. There will be bad weeks. There will be bad seasons. These are some of the heart breaks that you must prepare for to make it through each baseball season, but there is always hope.

  1. Know how to party

There will be good days, and these are the days that Cubs fan wait and pray for. After all that waiting the best part of being a Cubs fan is celebrating that win. If you do not know how to party, you will learn!

  1. Memorize “Go Cubs Go”

Like any true fan, you need to be able to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs for all the haters to hear. This is not only a very catchy song, it is a song that rings on with pride after the song has ceased. “Go Cubs Go” is easily comparable to “Chelsea Dagger” and just as easy to pick up!

  1. Love your team

This is the best part about sports, being able to completely immerse yourself into a world of bats, bros, and baseballs. So post all of the exciting photos of you and your buddies at the ballpark, and share all of the Cubs Season pump up videos until your heart in content. Do not let the fear of your opponents keep you from having the season of your life.

So there you have it. To all the true blue Cubs fans be prepared for the most hopeful baseball season we have seen in years, and continue to hope. Pray that in your lifetime you can make history as we rally behind these underdogs to take on the World Series, together.